About Us

CabbyTabby is India's leading smart mobile infotainment media network company. The only vertically integrated content and ad-tech company in the country, CabbyTabby was founded in 2016 in Pune with a focus on providing a superior media experience to consumers and an extremely targeted audience to advertisers. With the help of focused and refreshing content, we promise an unmatched experience that resonates with our audience. CabbyTabby prides itself as one of the foremost content delivery organizations in the mobile media domain. The company is a pioneer of a unique concept that uses handpicked and customized digital media content in cabs and other modes of public transport as a medium of entertainment and advertising. With the association of top transportation companies, CabbyTabby is well set to reach its goal of enhancing the commuting experience of 100 million passengers per month in a short span.

CabbyTabby is focusing on lifestyle, music, comedy, travel, tech, emotions, people and fun content that passengers can interact and explore by themselves, which fully demonstrate the core value of our tech-media, so as to enhance passenger engagement and experience.



CabbyTabby has developed and patented technologies for the hardware as well as software. Even the process of content delivery and consumption in a very unique matter is also patented, besides its IP on ad-tech network creation.


The software for the tablets has been developed in house and is tailored to consumers and advertisers requirements. Our solid tech team ensures that modifications and enhancements are done in a swift manner and any content push is just a click away.


After much research and trials, CabbyTabby has been able to design and customize hardware that is the best suited for its in-house software platform. Competitive pricing and exclusive contracts give the company the requisite flexibility to scale as high as required.


Our riveting content is our strongest edge for in-cab entertainment. Spanning a wide range of genres from short stories, popular music, comedy and news, CabbyTabby is dedicated towards providing engrossing content that is kept relevant by refreshing at regular intervals.


Our on-demand analytics deliver accurate, real-time statistics to advertisers to measure the impact of their marketing. From detailed reports to quick snapshots, the data is easily available to advertisers so that they can assess their audience and its needs.


Ability to execute in this complex value chain is very important - Hardware, Software, Post-sales, Content play and Ad-tech play. This all is vertically integrated in CabbyTabby bringing in huge operation efficiencies and excellence due to its core team's domain expertise.

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Our Team

A company's fortunes are as big as the determination of its people. CabbyTabby's biggest strength is the talented team behind it with cumulative global experience of more than 80 years. Founded by celebrated entrepreneurs and backed by a strong alliance of tech and marketing experts, CabbyTabby is the culmination of their dedicated efforts and brilliance. Our team is the core foundation of the organization and we are proud to be associated with the best in the field.

What We Do


With the help of cutting edge technology and a user-friendly, interactive layout, we provide consumers with an interesting mix of content that is not only entertaining but informative and engaging too. CabbyTabby is focused on enhancing the travel experience for its consumers by handpicking content that is relevant and refreshing.


The unique forte of CabbyTabby is the engaging content that is carefully chosen to captivate our audience and this exclusive attention is what gives us the edge over other mediums. Advertisers are provided with innovative, targeted ad styles based on location, time, date and nature of channel. From business listings on map views to geo tagged, location specific content, we provide a wide spectrum of choices that can be broadcast in formats like image and video.

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How does CabbyTabby Work ?

cabbytabby-fully responsive
CabbyTabby Advertisers upload ad content online to CabbyTabby's centralized server
CabbyTabby Advertisers set appropriate filters on campaign like start date, end date etc.
CabbyTabby Quality check by CabbyTabby Team
CabbyTabby Once approved, Ad goes live across all targeted devices with desired filters
CabbyTabby Ads visible to millions of consumers.

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